Top 10 Best Kitchen Clocks Of The [Year]

In this article, we will talk a little about the best kitchen clocks 2022. If you have a nice and modern kitchen then you have definitely thought of the best digital kitchen clock. We will be listing a few best kitchen wall clocks.

We will also try to strategise the purchase or shopping for kitchen clocks and also layout some usefulness of kitchen clocks. We hope you enjoy it.

#Top 5 Best Kitchen Clocks in the Market – Editor’s Pick

10 Best Modern Kitchen Wall Clocks for Design Enthusiasts:

If you want to buy the best quality kitchen clock, you should finish reading this best kitchen clocks reviews & buying guide. 

1. Sharp Wall Atomic Clock (Analog):

The first of the analog clocks on our list is from the famous electronic appliance manufacturing company – Sharp. This is one of the best quality kitchen clocks. It comes in silver and white color. It is made of silver material and has an atomic operational mode. It has a round shape. The purchased package does not come with any batteries, although it needs a battery to operate. You need to mount this on the wall. 


  • This clock has atomic accuracy. It can synchronize with the WWVB broadcast from the NIST or the US government’s national institute which is situated in Collins of Colorado. Because of the daily update from the national institute, this clock is always accurate to the second.
  • The synchronization to the NIST clock happens automatically. This clock also automatically matches the daylight savings time.


  • The clock has a brushed frame made from Silver. It makes it stylish, and also its longevity increases. 
  • This clock runs on battery. It needs an AA size battery but this you have to purchase as it does not come with the purchased package.
  • It is very easy to operate and to read. 
  • Excellent decoration to the kitchen or anywhere in the house. In short, it is good home decor.


  • Although the battery is very cheap the company does not provide one with the purchased package.

2. Wall Clock for Kitchen From CIGERA:

The next best designer kitchen clock is an unusual kitchen clock from another well-known company – Cigera. The clock is unique in fashion and fits well the kitchen theme with a fork and spoon design. This is a perfect wall clock for your cooking space.

The design of this modern kitchen clock sure is creative and suitable for the modern kitchen theme. If you own a commercial kitchen or a restaurant, this clock is a must-have for you. You can also put this in your home kitchen or the dining hall. 

It has a big metallic silver circle. The large numbers are easily readable from a distance. The background is in a silver pattern. This clock has a fork and knife design. The fork and knife stand for the second hand and the minute hand. 

The quality of the best wall clock is ensured by its metallic and delicate body, beautiful painting, and quartz movement. It is a top-of-the-line clock.

It has a very modern design and attracts attention very easily. It finely decorates any dining or kitchen wall. You can put it up on any wall at home, and it will still be relevant and fit perfectly. You can send it to anyone as a gift if the person likes cooking or eating. It is made from Stainless steel. It has an electrical operational mode and a round shape. It weighs about 0.66 lbs. It runs on battery, but you have to buy the AA battery from a store separately as the battery does not come with the purchased package. You have to mount it on the wall. It is a silent wall clock.


  • This is a very large wall clock – sixteen inches in diameter. The numbers are very much readable from a distance because of their big numbers. 
  • The hands are very silent, and there is no ticking sound. This will not disturb your sleep or break your concentration during preparation and cooking.
  • AA size battery runs this clock. Use carbon batteries for better performance. 


  • Big numbers help you read the time easily and without any strain on your eyes. 
  • Awesome decoration for your house or commercial kitchen.


  • Batteries do not come with the purchased package.

3. Modern MEISD Wall Clock:

The clock we are going to talk about now is the MEISD modern wall clock. MEISD is also a very good clockmaker. The clock is made from acrylic material and weighs about 2.27 lbs. It runs on battery, but the maker does not include the battery in the package. You have to get it from a store yourself. It has a quartz movement and a modern-themed design.


  • This wall clock is a very big one with a size of 20.5 x 12 inches. This is a great decoration for any mid to large-sized living room or kitchen. You can put this anywhere in your house, and it will complement the existing furniture or decoration.
  • It has a very easy operation with two AA-size batteries. You will get all the necessary information from the accompanying user guide. One battery is needed for the clock hands movement, and the other battery is necessary for the pendulum movement.
  • The clock is a non-ticking noiseless clock. The quartz movements are very accurate. This will not disturb your sleep. 
  • The clock has a dual layer of acrylic. The numbers are hollowed out. The whole design is elegant. The numbers are sturdy.
  • The clock shows analog time which is naturally easy to read.
  • This is a perfect clock to give away as a gift to anyone and on any occasion. 


  • The body of the clock is made from a dual-layer of acrylic.
  • The size of the clock is big and easy to read from afar.
  • This clock has noiseless quartz movement.
  • It is an excellent gift item.


  • Batteries are not included in the package.

4. Metallic Frying Pan Wall Clock:

This red-colored stainless steel frying pan-looking kitchen wall clock is our next kitchen clock. The manufacturer of the clock is Timelike. It has a rounded shape and weighs 1.28 lbs. It is powered by batteries and has quartz movement.


  • The diameter of the clock is 10 inches. This is quite a big clock, and you can read it from afar.
  • The quartz movement of the clock is powered by an AA-size battery.
  • The appearance of the clock sure attracts attention from all sides. You can put it anywhere in the house, and it will make a statement of its own.


  • The size of the clock is very big, and the numbers are easily readable.
  • An elegant addition to your house decoration.


  • This battery-powered clock does not come with batteries. You will have to buy batteries.

5. 404-2631C-INT La Crosse Analog Wall Clock:

If innovative design and creativity do not bother your social status and if you believe in standing out in the crowd even if bizarrely, this multicolor La Crosse Analog clock 404-2631C-INT is based on la crosse technology will definitely pique your interest.

It is made from engineered wood and has an electrical operational mode. It has a rounded shape and weighs about 0.75 lbs. The purchased package does not have any batteries in it, although it needs one AA battery. You have to mount the clock on the wall. 


  • Durable material and accurate timekeeping will give you satisfaction when you have your coffee after a cooking session or before it. The design and the style will amaze you as you sip from your cup. This clock is a work of wonder.
  • The setting up and operation are very easy. You can set it up anywhere you want in your house. But it is specially prepared for the kitchen, so you can do that to improve the kitchen’s vibe. 


  • This has a fiberboard of medium density.
  • The clock’s time hands are metallic.
  • The clock’s face is open. There is no lens or glass cover.
  • The quartz movement gives accurate time. 
  • It can work as a gift material for anyone of every age.


  • The battery does not come with the package.

6. Collections Etc Coffee Cup Pendulum Wall Clock Kitchen Wall Decor:

Do you like coffee? I do! Besides, the first thing this wall clock reminded me of was a nice creamy cake. At first, I thought of coffee, but at the same time the outlook and those cute little coffee cups, beans, sugar pot, a cup full of cream, etc., just blew my mind away.

So, if you are in the market for the best unique kitchen clock, I hope that you consider this. This next clock on our list is from Collections Etc. Let us have a look at the wall clock.


  • This clock is completely designed with kitchen appliances in mind. The cute cups, saucers, and other stuff complete the kitchen’s interior design.
  • In the place of the pendulum, there is an image of a teacup. It is an interesting way of making a kitchen-themed pendulum. A lot of thinking has taken place during the design phase.
  • The clock has a very big 11 inches diameter. This makes reading the clock very easy.
  • The return policy is also free of all possible hassles. This sure will satisfy the service and the product. There is no risk on your part. After-sales service is another good point about this vendor. If you are not satisfied with the product, all you need to do is to return it within sixty days of the day of purchase. The company has been serving the market faithfully for over fifty years.
  • The clock will need one AA battery which you will have to buy separately.


  • The innovative design adds more to the interior design of your kitchen.
  • A very big clock makes sure that you can read the time even from the farthest place of your kitchen.
  • Satisfactory after-sales service and return policy.


  • Although the clock runs on battery, the company does not provide a battery with the clock.

7. Non-Ticking Silent 12 Inch Wall Clock:

The next clock we are going to talk about is from the brand called – Jomparis. This gray-colored clock is made from plastic material and has an electronic operation mode. This clock has a diameter of 11.81 inches and weighs around 600 grams. It needs one AA battery to run, but it is not included in your purchased package. You need to mount this clock on your wall.


  • This clock has a very silent movement and gives a very accurate time. 
  • It has a simplistic and modern design. The numbers are in 3D and large, completely white. The design is very practical too.
  • The frame of the clock is made from ABS material of top quality.
  • Battery-powered clock, but the company does not include the battery in the package.
  • If you buy a new battery, it will be able to give you one year of service.
  • The company ensures a satisfactory performance from the clock, and they also provide a money-back policy if you find any problem with the clock during use within the first 90 days or they will replace the clock. You also get a one-year warranty on clock parts.


  • It shows accurate time.
  • Nice addition to decoration.
  • The company provides an excellent warranty and refund policy.


  • No battery is included in the initial package.

8. MUJI Cuckoo White Standard Clock:

The next best small kitchen clock on our list is from a Japanese brand called – Muji. This is a wall mount alarm clock in white color. This weighs around half a kilogram and has a rectangular shape. You need one AA battery to run this clock, but unfortunately, the battery is not included in the initial package. Let us see the features. 


  • The body of the clock is built from plastic material.
  • It is a lovely and cute clock with a simple design.
  • You can put it up on the wall, or you can set it on your desk.
  • Every half an hour the clock gives you a nice cuckoo sound. It can detect when the room gets dark and automatically turns the cuckoo alarm off. It is a cuckoo clock.
  • The user manual comes in English and Japanese.


  • The clock has a simple design.
  • Nice cuckoo alarm.
  • Very lightweight and you can set it on your table or hang it from the wall.
  • It comes with a user manual.


  • There is no battery in the package.

9. FirsTime & Co.® White American Crafted Shiplap Farmhouse Wall Clock:

The next clock is super big and this comes from the brand called – FirsTime & Co. This white farmhouse clock comes in black also, and its body is made with wood. The clock has an electrical operation. It has a diameter of eighteen inches and weighs about 2.7 lbs. 


  • Due to its big size, you can read the time easily. This can be a good decoration for your home space. It has a great farmhouse-type style.
  • The clock’s body is made from wood.
  • It has Roman numerals. 
  • The clock has an open face.
  • You need to hang the clock, but you have to buy the hanging hardware.


  • Big size gives this clock readability.
  • Nice wooden body.
  • Great for home decoration.


  • Batteries are not included in the package.

10. Upgraded Jall Digital Clock:

The last best digital kitchen clock on our list is from the brand called – Jall. The clock is white and has an electrical operation. It has a rectangular shape and can be mounted on the wall. It also has an alarm. A CR2032 battery is needed to run the clock, and it weighs around 1.41 lbs.


  • The clock has a pretty big display of eight inches. The display is HD. You can see the date, time, and month from a distance due to the bigger display. 
  • It needs electricity to operate. But the battery is not necessary.
  • You can set more than one alarm.
  • The display has a sensor that shuts the display dim when the sun is down. You can set the auto-dim option to ‘off’.


  • This clock has a very nice design and can be a very good gift for your elder relative.
  • Good for people with dementia. 
  • There are seven controller buttons.
  • You can either hang it from the wall or put it on your desk.


  • There is none.

Choosing Your Kitchen Clock:

Kitchen is the one place that you cannot ignore when decorating your house. It will either make your social status or break it. Just think about it – can you think about a beautiful stylish house with a shabby and unstylish-looking kitchen? You need to consider the total space of the house when you make a kitchen. Smaller houses do not have a very big kitchen when personal rooms are not big enough. Just like that, a kitchen cannot be small when you have a big villa-type house. 

In addition, you need to match the theme and style of your kitchen clock to the decoration of your kitchen. You cannot just buy a very big clock for a very small kitchen in a one-room apartment. So, you need to properly choose your kitchen clock. There are even kitchens in some countries where you cannot even find an open space on the wall.

So, choosing a kitchen wall clock wisely is very important. Besides, you also need to consider the features and price of the kitchen clock you are buying.

Why buy a kitchen clock?

Now, you may ask why would you need a kitchen clock? Well, it is not that easy to just figure the answer out. It is complicated. Just like home kitchens, there are commercial kitchens. In a commercial kitchen time is everything. Orders keep coming like a flood in busy times, and the chefs need a good clock to stick to the prep and cooking time, otherwise, they will not be able to satisfy the customers.

Every vegetable has a certain cooking time. So, you need to keep an eye on the clock as you prep and cook your ingredients. At home, it is almost the same. The people in the house need to go to their offices, schools, etc., and you need to keep their departure time in mind and prepare a meal according to that time. So, it is very important to find the best kitchen clock.

Last words:

Kitchen is a very important part of your establishment or house, so is the decoration that you try to fit inside the kitchen. In this article, we have tried to list a few top-rated best kitchen clocks. We hope this will help you find the best kitchen clock.


Can I not use the pendulum for my Coffee themed wall clock? It is not fitting properly in the wall of my kitchen.

You can but your clock will run faster and you will get accurate timing. The pendulum keeps the pace of the clock steady, and without it, the clock will run amok.

Is the clock small in size?

No, the clock takes up a sizable space on your wall.

Can hear the ticking sound from the clock?

Well, it does have a ticking mechanism, but the noise is very faint. You will not feel it.

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