Best Wearable Alarm Clock For Sleepers in 2022

This may come to you as a funny article, only if you do not know about wearable alarm clocks. It is ok to imagine all sorts of images and burst out laughing and thinking, ‘What! People would wear them? Why? It is ridiculous!’ Well, you will be laughing by now ONLY if you have never known about wearable alarm clocks.

When the term appeared before my eyes, the image of a huge table clock set on a leather strap came to my mind. It is like a wristwatch but instead of a smaller dial, there was a massive square-shaped table clock. Just imagine people sleeping while wearing them on their beds. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

These days you can get a good smart clock for a few bucks. This is a vibrating alarm clock or alarm watch. This smart alarm clock has sleep trackers or sleep habits tracker, alarm function, snooze button, countdown timer, and many other functions.

In this article we will first look at what we mean by wearable alarm clocks, why we wear them, then we will go through a few reviews of wearable clocks, how we should choose our wearables, a bit of FAQs.

#Top 5 Best Wearable Vibrating Alarm Clock in the Market – Editor’s Pick

What are wearable alarm clocks?

These are the alarm clocks that you wear on your wrist. They may be like sports bands, leather, or other straps. You will see them shortly right in this article.

Why wearable alarm clocks?

Let me tell you, wearable alarm clock might sound ridiculous and you may think that how this is of any importance when we have smartwatches and other sorts of alarm clocks. Guys, have you ever seen a deep sleeper, or tried waking them up from their death-like slumber? If you have seen one, you would have thought of calling an ambulance because that person may have died in his sleep.

Yes, this is as dangerous as it can get. You cannot wake them up without using external force. However, you cannot do it. It has to be done by him. He will need to wear this type of serious device so that he can wake up on time. Now, let us have a look at some of the wearable alarm clocks. 

1. Pavlok 3 with SNAP Technology:

The first wearable alarm clock we will be talking about is Pavlok 3 from the famous brand Pavlok. It may appear as a very simple alarm clock that you can wear on your wrist but it is nothing like that. It is not just any alarm clock! It is made to improve your alertness. It can vibrate.

Pavlok 3 is also your habit trainer. That was just the surface-level talk. Pavlok 3 is actually a fitness tracker that can track your steps and activities. Pavlok 3 has sleep tracking as well. It has tones and music for various important notices like the birthday of someone from your office or family. You can make yourself not miss anything with Pavlok 3.

Pavlok 3 will give you a little vibration to remind you of what you are supposed to do along with tones, or music. Pavlok 3 does not only describe what your habit is like but also brings about a change forever. This amazing wearable alarm clock is made to snap you out of your autopilot mode.

You can fully charge the battery within an hour or so and once charged the battery can support you for about a week. It has IP 67 rating for its water resistance. You can submerge yourself along with the Pavlok 3 up to three feet, or one meter underwater. It has only one size.

Pavlok 3 is made from silicone material and comes in black color. It is compatible with smartphones but you should check if your smartphone is also on the supported phone list. This weighs only about 34 grams.


  • Facilitates a permanent change in your behavior.
  • Its sleep tracker tracks sleep pattern.
  • Activity tracker, and pedometer.
  • Zaps the wearer out of any unwanted behavior pattern with a mild electrical discharge.
  • Upgrades mind and body with a set of smartphone apps.
  • Attaching to smartwatches, or analog watches is possible.
  • Can also be a standalone wristwatch.
  • IP67 rating for water resistance.
  • The after-sales support team is always there to assist you.


  • Zaps heavy sleeper to wake from sleep.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Has a lot of functions that a smartwatch has.
  • Good battery life.


  • Nothing to mention so far. 

2. Shock Clock 2 with Pavlok Sleep Course:

The next wearable alarm clock on our list is also from Pavlok. The clock works in silence to wake up heavy sleepers, comes in black color, and is powered by a battery. Shock clock 2 has an electrical operational mode that requires a Lithium-ion battery. The clock has the ability to wake you up with vibration, beep sound, and a little electric shock. That is why it has the name Shock Clock 2.

Besides, it can mix all three as a combo. If beep and vibration feel like nothing on your skin, the zap will bring you back to the world of living beings. There is another funny but effective alarm mode, and that is the jumping jack mode. If you set this alarm, it will only stop if you wake up and do a few jumping jacks to shake the brain fog off.

Shock clock 2 is also the best when tracking your sleep quality. The newer version has forty percent more battery life. The alarm system and pairing with other devices via Bluetooth have also improved a lot.


  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Electric shock, alarm sound, and vibration or a mixed combo to wake up deep sleepers.
  • Jumping jacks mode.
  • Improved battery life by 40 percent.


  • Improved battery life, alarm, and pairing system.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.

3. Pets and More Best Shcoky Watch:

In our list of wearable alarm clocks, we bring the next one from the brand ‘Pets and More’. It is the Shocky Watch. It is as the name signifies. It gives you a shock.

Why because you are supposed to be the deadest man in the world when you are sleeping, and the only way to solve the problem is to bring in the Shocky watch to get you up to your senses. Its work is to put out alarms and that it does in a magnificent way.

The best thing about the Shocky Watch is that you do not need any companion app or smartphone to work with the clock. It has a silent alarm clock system that will zap the sleep out of your system. The electrodes on the back of the wristband send the zap. This is the best silent alarm wristband.


  • Silent alarm that will wake the wearer only.
  • Zap for deep sleepers.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Zaps to wake you up.
  • No need for phones or pairing devices.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Nothing so far.

4. TechTools Shake N Wake Alarm Clock Best Wristband:

The next on our list is the Shake N Wake wearable alarm clock. If you have been looking for a solution to the problem of having a noisy alarm clock that wakes everyone up in the vicinity, then this Shake N Wake alarm clock is for you. The Tech Tools brand brings you the wearable clock.

Now, with this clock, you can set a silent alarm that will only affect you with vibration. Its design and size will not give you discomfort. It is also detachable and you can keep it beside your pillow. It is a good travel friend. You can be on a train or a bus or plane, your alarm will not wake anyone else up. You can set two alarms at the same time. You can also put it on snooze.

Although the alarm is mainly silent. You also have the option to make it go loud. You can use the alarm for your med or other routine activities like taking meds or doctor’s appointments, etc. This TechTools Shake N Wake is the best silent alarm clock or the best wearable vibrating alarm clock.


  • Battery-powered silent wearable vibrating alarm clock or vibrating alarm watch.
  • Upgraded new model.
  • Can be used in many ways.
  • Set two alarms at the same time.
  • Vibration alarm clock on your wrist.
  • Backlight screen or night light for better reading.


  • Silent and loud alarm.
  • Backlight with better reading.


  • Nothing so far. The battery is not included.

5. CoolFire Alarm Clock Best Washable Sweatband watch: 

The last one on our list is the CoolFire wearable alarm clock from the CoolFire brand. It has a rectangular shape and comes in black color. It weighs around 0.22 lbs and the clock comes with a battery. 


  • Silent but effective alarm.
  • Placed on a sweatband. The band is washable.
  • Large digits.
  • Can be charged via USB.


  • Can help the hearing impaired or people with hearing loss wake up with vibration.
  • Precision stopwatch.
  • Six alarm tones. 
  • USB chargeable.


  • Nothing so far.

Choosing your Wearable Alarm Clock:

We have talked about the best wearable alarm clock. Now, we will discuss a few points about choosing the best wearable alarm clock for you. While you shop just keep the points you read here in your mind.

  1. Price: You need to fix a range. The wearable alarm clock is a necessity, not a luxury. So, keep it within a budget that you can afford without worry.
  2. Alarm Type: There are many types of alarms. If you have deep sleep but not a light sleep, you should actually carefully look into the type of alarms available. It will be better to have vibration and electrical shock as a wake-up call.
  3. Strap type: you will be wearing the clock even in your sleep. So, something breathable is good for your skin. The sports wristbands are good.
  4. Number of Alarms: You need to see how many alarms you can set or if there are any snooze options.
  5. Screen size and type: This is also important. If you have a bigger screen you can read the data with ease. Besides, if the clock is backlight, it will help you read the time at night too.
  6. Battery life: It is very important. The longer it lasts the better. The vibration option usually drains a lot from your watch battery. That is why it is important to have a wearable silent vibrating alarm clock that has a good and long battery life support. So, when you go shopping you must check the battery life.
  7. Warranty: No one needs to be told why a warranty is important. It covers for your repair.
  8. Other options: Heart rate tracking, sleep cycle monitoring, or tracking workouts may be some welcomed options. There is another option – the bed shaker option. If you are a deep sleeper, this option may come in handy for you.


In this article, we have talked about the best wearable alarm clock or best wearable device and also talked about how to choose your wearable clock. The buying points should help you out in finding the right wearable alarm clock for you. Happy shopping!!


What is the duration of the vibration alarm?

It is longer than a few seconds. If you need you can set another alarm a few minutes after the first one. However, the first alarm is strong enough to bring back up

What is the duration of the snooze?

Only a few minutes. It keeps repeating. 

How to turn the alarm off?

Instructions do not work. So, if you want you can send it back to the seller. 

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