Does Online Alarm Clock Work?

Before we answer the question, ‘does online alarm clock work?’ we would like to break down the topic and explain it step by step.

Online Clock or online alarm clock:

When you say online clock or alarm clock – this can mean two things: online clock and your online calendar. In both cases, you can set alarms. 

The online clock is a website of some sort, and there you can go and set up your own alarm. You can set more than one alarm. The system is very flexible. You can set an online alarm timer and snooze as well.

The other one is the calendar – Google or Microsoft windows calendar. You can set alarms for events here as well. You can set it on your phone or your personal computer, but it will be available on your smartphone and pc. All devices connected to your Hotmail or Google account will be able to get the alarm. This means you will get the Google alarm clock online. Hopefully, you now have the answer to the question, ‘does online alarm clock work?’

NOTE: Online alarm clock will only work if your device is turned on. If your computer or laptop is in sleep mode, your alarm will not work for you.

Online alarm clock with music:

You can set your online alarm clock with music. Look for the option where the web app is asking you to enter your alarm sound. Not all online alarm clocks will give you the option to set a piece of music, but some will. You can choose any file from your device and set the music for your online alarm clock. Although there is no online video clock, you can choose a file to set as an alarm music.

Online alarm clock for kids:

There is no specific online alarm clock for kids. All the online alarm clocks are so easy to use that even kids can set alarms for themselves.

Best online alarm clock in 2022:

We will list a few free online alarm clocks for you to use. These are very simple clocks. Hopefully, you will like them.

Onlive Clock:

This online clock is free alarm clock for you and this is a digital alarm clock. There is no ad, and the use of this alarm is very easy but you cannot set multiple alarms. The background image of the clock is very beautiful, and the digits are very big. You can change things from setting without any problem. There is also an online stopwatch. You can select radio as its alarm tone. There is no clock app or alarm app for android or iOS. If you set time correctly, this can become the best sunrise alarm clock ever. This is not an alarm for a heavy sleeper.

At the bottom left of the alarm page, you have the go-to onlive soft button, a flower image to ‘mara’ photo customization option; and on the bottom right of the page, you have a clock icon to go back to more clocks page, a radio icon that gives you access to music Fm radio access, a gear icon gives you access to settings, and you can change a lot of things, a question mark for help. The last icon is for full-screen mode and exits from this.


This is our second online alarm clock. This clock is also very simple, but it is not as attractive as the first one. You have a countdown timer, stopwatch, lap timer, chess timer, and an alarm clock. You can set your wake up time with this.

You can set 25 alarm times, change settings, adjust the time, change background color, give some shadow effect to the digits, and change their color. It is also a digital clock. It always shows the current time. This clock is not for heavy sleepers.

Online alarm Kur:

It is a simple enough online alarm clock. It is a Turkish clock, but you can change the language to a few others, including English. You get a digital alarm with a black background. There are settings for alarm and date. You can choose from eleven different sounds. There is also a snooze button for you. It will start counting down right beneath the alarm clock when you set the alarm. There is one click set alarm buttons, and you can also set snooze to on or off with a button-click.


This is a very simplistic alarm clock. At the top left, you have three options – 24 hours, seconds, and count down timer. You can only set to see the count down timer once you have set at least one alarm. On the top right corner, you will see a few more options – the name of the creator and the website address, a check box called Naked (if you click the box, the clock will become even more simplistic), save option for saving the alarm settings, options to change various specs of the clock.

In the middle, you will see the digits; at the button left, you will have a drop-down menu to choose your alarm from and test it, and at the bottom right, you can choose the days for the alarm. Very simple.

Music Alarm Clock:

This alarm is a very simple one. You can just select the time and click on the select set alarm button. There is a piece of beautiful music. The music is so musical that you will want to keep listening to it. You can also change languages, but that is it.

KuKu Klok:

This is another online alarm clock. There is a time setting control at the top left side of the window. If you want, you can change to night mode and click on the plus and minus icons to change the time. On the right side of the window, there is a control for the alarm sound, and you can go right or left to select the right alarm for you; after choosing the time, click on the set alarm button to set the alarm.

Online Audible Alert Timer:

This is another simple clock. You can choose to set the alarm time, the duration of the alarm, and the file you want to run as the alert sound. It has to be a .midi file.

Meta Clock:

The website says that MetaClock is a social online alarm clock. There is a box from where you can select the alarm sound you want to sound on the right side. You can either choose music or choose a video from YouTube.

You can log in through Facebook. You need to click on the digits to change them. Below the digits, there is a set alarm clock button. If you click on it, your alarm will be set. Right beside the button, there is a setting section. You can select many settings, like changing the background to automatically change, and a lot more. 

You will find detailed instructions at the bottom part of the page.

Egg timer:

This is an online countdown timer. You can either write the time in the given box or select the default buttons to select the times already there. There is a help and setting button at the bottom.


vClock is another interesting online alarm clock. At the top right corner, you will be able to see the holidays, choose from the tools drop-down menu, change the background color, and click the settings button to change a few options.

There is a set alarm button right below clock digits. You can see the time and date. You can also download the paid alarm clock for windows. 

In the third section of the page, you will find options to set your alarm at a particular time. This is your one-click solution for an alarm clock.

There is also a very interesting naked alarm clock but it has browser compatibility issue. Hopefully, you now have the answer to your question, ‘does online alarm clock work?’ The system is very user-friendly. Try it out sometimes!

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