How to Set a HoMedics Alarm Clock

HoMedics is an alternative name for home innovation. The company has been producing consumer-need-centric devices since its inception. An alarm clock or sound machine is one of its innovative gifts to the world. We will talk about HoMedics Alarm Clock in this article and how to set a HoMedics alarm clock. 


Sound is a very difficult thing to filter or stop. Even if you do not want to, the sound will enter your personal space in various forms and disturb your sound sleep or study. A Sound machine will solve this problem. The sound machine produces a calming and stable sound that does not disturb your sleep. Other sounds will not be able to distract you from what you are doing at present. This alarm clock gives you a touch of personal care so you can sleep sound.

The other name of this machine is the white noise machine. This noise is of a particular frequency or like radio static. You can choose your noise from various options. Different models create different nature sound like waves of the ocean, rain, waterfall, thunder, rustling sound, the sound of fan, ambient electronic noises, beep tone, etc. Some machines can even sing lullabies, instrumental soothing sounds, etc. You can set a timer for the length of time you want to listen and the volume. Consider the following options before you buy a machine.

AC Power or Batteries:

You need to aim for your comfort. If batteries work better use batteries, and if you need a machine that can stay plugged into the electrical outlet, then choose a machine that has this facility.

Volume Controls:

Look for a machine that has a volume button to adjust the sound of the device. 


You can set a duration or a specific time for the alarm to go on or off, or any noise to go on or off. It will be really annoying if you have to do everything manually.

Night Light:

Many alarm machines have the night light option. It helps you navigate your room. Instead of reaching to the bedside lamp switch, you can easily walk across the room to go to the kitchen or bathroom. The display has a soothing blue light.


  1. The clock comes with multiple features. On one hand, this works as a white noise machine, and on the other hand, this can work as a digital alarm clock radio. You can choose your favorite radio station or other available sounds such as alarm sounds. You can set two different alarms as well. It has an AM indicator and PM indicator.
  2. It has a snooze function that can give you a setting to sleep a few minutes more.
  3. This clock can do time projection on walls or ceilings. The projection is in soothing blue light that does not hurt your eyes. You can tilt the projector to change the direction of the projection. 
  4. You can also automatically adjust and set time and DST. 
  5. The clock comes with a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

How to Set a HoMedics alarm clock:

  1. There are two alarms to set. They are marked as Alarm buttons 1 and 2. Press the one you want to set.
  2. Now long-press the button for Time Set. To adjust the time use the forward and reverse buttons for HOUR.
  3. Now long-press the time setting button again and use the reverse and forward buttons this time to set a minute.
  4. You can choose to set the alarm to go off at the same time for seven days, five days, and two days. Whichever suits you better.
  5. If you want to disable the feature in number 4, then slide the HOTEL button on the back.
  6. If you want to see the time of the alarm for either of them, just long-press either alarm 1 or alarm 2 buttons. The alarm settings that correspond to the buttons will appear on the LCD display.
  7. After you set the alarm, the indicator for the alarm will show.

This ends how to set a HoMedics alarm clock. Hopefully, this will help you even in the dark. Practice setting a few times, and you will find the process very simple.

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