How To Set Inlife Alarm Clock Step By Step

Humans are innovative. They want to simulate a lot of things that resemble nature. InLife’s sunrise alarm clock is just like that. The company took innovation to a whole new level with a clock that can simulate the rising sun shine. Let us look at the features and read how to set inlife alarm clock. This clock is also known as a light alarm clock, or the light sunrise alarm clock, sunrise clocks. This can be an excellent addition to your home decor. In this article, we will talk ‘how to set inlife alarm clock’.


  1. The clock assumes that your alarm time is according to the sunrise. The clock’s sunrise simulation feature activates 30 minutes right before your alarm time. It gradually increases its brightness from 10 percent to 100 percent. This gradual brightness will slowly wake you up as it can work as a wake up light as part of its morning routine. You can set the time display to show time in levels of brightness: off, dim, and bright light.
  2. By simply touching the color key, you can shuffle through the color options for your night light – indigo, orange, purple, blue, red, and green. You can set the mood of your room with your light options. You will also get natural sound as alarm sound – rain, waterfall, waves of the ocean, forest, birds, etc.
  3. Sunset simulation is also one of the features of this clock. Just like sunrise time, the clock automatically lowers the brightness as the sunset time approaches. When the brightness time syncs with the sunset time, it will gradually lower the light and finally shut it down during sleep time or bedtime. 
  4. Inlife sunrise clock also has a snooze function with snooze button . You can sleep a few extra minutes with this feature. It will make your life a bit more comfortable in the morning. If you have deep sleep, the snooze function alarm sound will help you wake up.
  5. You can listen to FM radio by tune in your favorite radio station. Clock radio can be really enjoyable.
  6. You can charge the unit with a USB charger, a wall jack, or backup batteries.
  7. InLife sunrise clock can be your bedside lamp as well.
  8. The clock has a good customer service.

How to set InLife Alarm Clock:

Let us learn how to set InLife alarm clock.

  1. Press the M button. This can turn the alarm off or on.
  2. Press the K button for three seconds so you can get to the alarm settings.
  3. You can set the hour by pressing L and M buttons. Once you have set the hour, press K.
  4. Now press L and M again to set the minute. Now press K after you are ok with the minute.
  5. Press L and M again to set the sound of the alarm now. Once you have selected the sound, press K again.
  6. If you press L and M again, you will get the volume settings. Set the volume and then press K again to finish the alarm setting.

InLife Sunrise alarm clock is an excellent product at your bedside. The gradual increase of the brightness as the alarm time approaches, and the gradual decrease as the time for your sleep creeps in, are amazing ways to emulate the rising and the setting sun. You will definitely enjoy the options.

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