How To Set Projection Alarm Clock 2022

If alarm clocks seem to be a boring element by your bedside, then you perhaps have not yet heard about projection alarm clocks. These are the newest ideas generated by the alarm clockmakers. In this article, we will talk about how to set up a projector alarm clock.

However, before that, we will talk about what it really is, how it works, and how to set a projection alarm clock. Then we will have look at some projector clock reviews. So, without any delay let us do some quick reading, shall we?

What is a projection alarm clock

From the name we can guess, it has something to do with projecting something on some type of screen. When you put a miniature projector inside a clock, it becomes a projection clock.

The fun fact is that the technology is not recent! The first patent was in 1909 and the second one was in the year 1940. They were for analog clocks. However, the recent widespread use of digital clocks made it possible to get projectors in them as well.

How does a projection alarm clock Work

The technology is that there is a small projector element inside the alarm clock. The clock has the option which will let you choose to project the clock face on the projectable screen. Usually, it is the ceiling. The idea is to let you know the time in a fashion when you are in your bed and looking at the ceiling.

The projection alarm clock will take this opportunity and project the time and other information to the ceiling. You can choose to project the information on something else, but the process is similar. Face the clock toward the screen and let it project. The clock face could be analog or digital.

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How to Set Projection Alarm Clock:

Well, there is no universal answer to this question, because every company has a different kind of technology or mechanism in their clocks. The best way to learn how to set projector alarm clock is the check the manual that comes along with the alarm clock you purchase. 

The answer to how to set the digital projector alarm clock is usually just pressing a few buttons a few times to select the hour, and minute for the alarm time. Just like setting any usual alarm clock – either digital or analog. Here we give you the system of alarm setting for the Pictek projection alarm clock.

  1. Press ‘AL’ only once. Alarm 1 along with the hour segment will flash.
  2. When the hour segment is flashing, press the upward or downward triangle or arrow to set your desired hour.
  3. If you long-press the triangle or arrow button, the change will be faster.
  4. Press AL again to fix the minute segment.
  5. press upward or downward triangle or arrow to set your desired minute.
  6. If you long-press the triangle or arrow button, the change will be faster.
  7. Press AL and it will show OFF.
  8. press upward or downward triangle or arrow to set the alarm mode.
  9. The alarm modes are: Rd =  Clock Radio, Bu = Buzzer, Off = alarm is turned off. 
  10. press upward or downward triangle or arrow to set your desired alarm mode.
  11. To set the second alarm or Alarm 2, press AL again. You will see the Alarm 2 segment flashing. Please, do the same steps from 2-6.
  12. To exit the settings now wait for 20 seconds or just press AL again.


  1. AL press will make A1 or A2 flash at the bottom of the LED display.
  2. If A1 sounds, A1 will flash and if A2 sounds A2 will flash at the bottom of the LED display.
  3. To stop the alarm press ‘AL’ or ‘Radio/sleep’ once and this will ring on the next day.
  4. Pressing AL will activate snooze. Press ‘Snooze/dimmer’ to stop it completely.

Digital Projection Alarm Clock Reviews:

We will list some best projector alarm clock with projection abilities for your convenience. We hope this will give you an idea of what to expect from this type of clock.

1. Magnasonic Alarm Projection Clock:

The first best ceiling projection clock on our list is the projection clock with an alarm from Magnasonic. The clock comes in a black body with a modern design. It is run on electricity and a battery. You need to place it on a table to get the most function out of it. It weighs about 1.23 lbs and there are no batteries included. 

The alarm is packed with features. This is not just any alarm clock. It has an FM radio. The clock has a blue colored LCD display. You can adjust the brightness of the display as you wish. 

The projector not only projects the time and date, but also the weather information on the projection screen or ceiling or wall – whichever is suitable. You will get a full-size view of all the information displayed on the screen. The display size is 3.6”. You can swivel the display 180 degrees so that you do not have to move even a muscle to look at the display. Set the wall in front of you or the ceiling as the projector screen and relax as the clock shows all the information.

You can automatically set your clock to adjust to daylight-saving schedules. You can set two alarms on this clock. You can choose to wake up with the FM radio or buzzer or time projection.

Another interesting function is that you can connect your smart devices to this clock via an auxiliary cable to listen to your favorite music. With SelfSet technology, the clock can automatically set its time and date after a power failure.


  • Modern design with black color.
  • Big display with 180 degrees swiveling system.
  • Daylight savings.
  • FM radio and dual alarm.
  • Music via auxiliary cable.


  • Multifunctional alarm clock with projection.


  • No batteries included.

2. Mesqool Digital Projection Alarm Clock:

The second wall projection clock on our list is from Mesqool. It is a digital clock and it’s made from plastic material. It has blue digits and projection and a square shape. You have to fire it up with a direct electrical connection via an adapter. 

It has a lot of functions. You can set it up very easily. It can easily run with electricity, so drained batteries are no problem anymore. You project the clock face information anywhere suitable. There is a USB port for charging. 

The projector is 350 degrees adjustable. The projection is crystal clear. You can rotate the projector according to your wish. The best distance for projection is 1.6 feet to 9.8 feet. You can read it in a relaxed mode without any problem. You can even change the orientation of the projection with just a button press. 

You can set up two different alarms for two different people. There is also a snoozing system for some extra minutes of sleep. You can increase the volume of the alarm if you are heavy sleepers. Choose a level from 1 to 5. 

The LED display is very large and clear, and because of the projection, you will be able to see and read the alarm on the wall or ceiling without any problem. Display brightness can be adjusted to suit your eye comfort level. 

If you are wondering if you can charge other iOS or Android devices then worry no more. You can charge your other USB chargeable devices via this alarm projection clock. Just plug it into the USB port and go to sleep. In the morning it will be fully charged. 

What if there is a power failure? Yes, there is a battery backup system. Buy two AAA-size batteries to keep the clock running in case the electricity is absent. There is no need to reset the time or date. The battery will give back up power instantly. You can choose to set 12 or 24 hours format time. The alarm clock is very easy for you to use. Buttons are intuitive and simple. This is the best gift you can give to your near and dear ones.


  • Runs on electricity and battery as backup.
  • USB port to charge another device while it is occupying the electrical socket.
  • 350 degrees adjustable.
  • 1.6 feet to 9.8 feet projection distance.
  • Orientation is changeable with a button press.
  • Alarm and snooze function.


  • Easy setup.
  • Battery backup; no need to set up time and date again after electricity failure.
  • Charge another device via USB port.
  • Alarm Volume control and dual alarm for two different people.
  • Snooze system for a few more minutes of extra sleep.


  • None so far.

3. Dr. Prepare Projection Clock: 

We bring the next projection alarm clock with temperature from DrPrepare projection alarm clock company. The company has been an entity in this market and devotedly brings products of premium quality, wide applicability, and portability. This ceiling projection alarm clock is a balanced package of features. It has many functionalities. 

First of all, is the projection function. This interesting feature projects the clock face onto the wall or ceiling. Now you can see the date and time without moving your body much. 

There will be a backup battery in case you face any electricity failure. It is a 3v CR3032 battery. This will keep your clock alive even in a blackout. How interesting! There is blackout but you have a projector running in your room! Make people jealous!

If you are looking for a gift for your dear and near one, then this projector clock can be one of your options. It has a beautiful display, a projection system, and an awesome appearance. It is a perfect gift for your parents, kids or friends.

The display is another attractive point of this alarm clock. If the display does not attract you, why would you buy a clock? So, the clockmaker put its energy and creativity into its clear, big, and backlit monitor or display. The digits and other pieces of information look really colorful on this display. 

If you want a private weather station, then you must not miss this projection alarm clock with a weather station. It is able to show weather data such as humidity, temperature, weather trends, etc. Your information is available to you anytime you look ahead or look up to your clock projection.

Your clock receives time, and date from the WWVB signal and shows you very accurate time data so that you can be very punctual. 

If you want to sleep a few more extra minutes, then this is for you. You can set two alarms to make sure that you wake up on the second alarm. This dual alarm system can also help you if you and your roommate wake up at two different times. 


  • Projection brightness can be adjusted.
  • Projection is the best within 3.3 and 10 feet. 
  • Weather data refreshes every five seconds.
  • Projection flips with just a button press.
  • Remote wireless sensor. 


  • Big LCD screen.
  • Projection can be adjusted.
  • Snooze system with dual alarm.
  • Automatic time update.
  • Battery as a standby backup.


  • None so far.

4. SMARTRO SC91 Projector Alarm Clock:

We now introduce to you the best projection clock or best projection clock with outdoor temperature reading – Smartro SC91 alarm clock with projector. This rectangular digital alarm clock can be a beautifying addition to your room. Smartro is packed with features. Let us have a look at them one by one.

The first feature is that it can show temperature. It is usual for a clock to show time and date but projecting the temperature information is something unusual for alarm clocks, right? The projection happens in soft red light and the information is easy to understand. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness and angles of the projection. You can also change to a 180-degree reverse angle. 

The second excitement is that the alarm clock can show outdoor and indoor humidity. You can see not only the outdoor and indoor temperature but also the humidity. 

The alarm clock can show many other pieces of information, like date, 12 or 24-hour format, weekday, etc. in large digits. It can also show information such as mold alerts, if weather is clear, mold risk, etc., is shown in the 4.5” LCD display. The clock can show weather trends and forecasts for the next twelve hours. The information also includes barometric pressure. You can adjust the brightness of the display.

The clock has only one sensor but you can buy and add three more wireless sensors. You can put your projection alarm clock in your room and the rest of the sensors in three other places.

The next features are alarm and snooze system. The clock allows you to set two separate alarms for two different people or times. You can get some extra sleep with these dual alarms and the snooze. 


  • Weather forecast.
  • Barometric pressure and temperature trends. 
  • Nice display.
  • Dual alarms and snooze.
  • Draws power directly from the power socket.


  • Always connected to a power source. No shortage of power.
  • Easy to set and operate.
  • Projection angle and orientation adjustable.


  • Nothing so far.

5. OnLyee Projector Alarm Clock:

The last on our list is the projection alarm clock from the OnLyee brand. The body of the clock is made from plastic material and painted in black. It has a rectangular shape and its projection is blue. The clock runs on direct electricity and there is an option to put battery backup. OnLyee offers tons of functionalities. We will quickly go over them for your convenience.

The feature is the ceiling projection. It can project the information of its clock face very clearly. You can swivel the projector to focus it on something else as a screen. The clock’s best distance for projection is 0.5 to 3 meters. 

The size of the display is 7” and it is a crystal clear LED display. you can also adjust the brightness level of the clock. Even elders and kids can set the alarm clock easily. 

If you are a heavy sleeper, there is a very loud alarm for you. You can of course adjust the volume to suit your tolerance level. 

If you feel lazy to wake up with the first alarm, or if you have another person who also wakes up to your alarm clock, then you can set two different alarms for two different times. If you need some extra sleep even after your alarm sounds, the snooze system is there for your sleep a few more minutes.

So, you are thinking about how to charge your cell phone because your alarm clock is occupying the power socket? Think no more! The OnLyee offers a USB charging port for your handheld devices. You can connect your device via the USB charging port and go to sleep. You will have a fully charged mobile phone when you wake up.

Although there are no batteries in the purchased package, you can buy one later and use it with the clock as a backup power source in case there is a power failure. You will need 2AAA batteries.

The clock has 12 and 24-hour time format settings. There are buttons designated for your comfort. You can change them with a button press. Daylight saving time also has a button for it. 

The instruction manual is an easy read. So, you can finish it in a jiffy. All these functions make this alarm clock a nice choice as gift item for everyone from all age groups.


  • 180 degrees swiveling ceiling projection.
  • 7” LED display.
  • USB charging port.
  • Dual alarm and snooze functions.
  • Adjustable brightness and volume.
  • Dedicated button for time format changing.


  • Snooze option and dual alarm.
  • Wall or ceiling projection.
  • Battery backup.
  • USB charging port.


  • Nothing so far.

We hope this little informative article will help you find your necessary information. The reviews will help you get an idea about projection alarm clocks. Have a nice day!!

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