How to Set Sentry Alarm Clock Radio

In this article, we will tell you how to set Sentry alarm clock radio. The Sentry alarm clock is a very stylish but simplistic alarm clock. It has an LCD display to show time and an FM/AM radio. You can set your clock alarm to wake up to radio or buzzer. You can also use music as an alarm. You can set snooze time with snooze control. The display is big and you can see the time from afar in plain text. Although you can find the procedure in the user manual, we will tell you how to set Sentry alarm clock anyway.

The origin of this clock is China but you can shop / purchase yours through Amazon, and they will make a delivery to your door steps in the United States. All rights reserved by Sentry manufacturer. There is no mention of any return policy, maybe because there is no warranty.

You can follow this manual for alarm setting. You can follow the instruction for proper functioning. There is no wheel but you can tune the radio with a knob. The clock gives out a decent alarm sound. There is also no replacement because there is no warranty. There is less interference with the alarm radio clock. You can get a decent radio signal. Amazon customer reviews are very good. Customers are really happy with this product/item. Analyze the reviews and you will get the right direction about the clock. To get better audio or radio signal you can set an antenna outside your window.

Setting Sentry Alarm Clock

Before we give you instructions on setting the Sentry alarm clock, let us give you a complete rundown of its buttons. It has the following buttons:

  1. Time set.
  2. Hour set.
  3. Minute set.
  4. Alarm set / off.
  5. Sleep. 
  6. Volume / Buzzer.
  7. AM / FM band selector.
  8. Tuner.
  9. Snooze Set. 
  10. Auto / on / off switch.

First of all, press button number 4 from the list above to find out the current alarm time. Now, either press hold buttons 2 and 4 or 3 and 4 to change the alarm time. However, keep an eye on the PM indicator. You need to know if you are setting PM or AM time. After the alarm has been set, you will see a red glowing dot at the bottom left corner of the display.

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