How to Set Timex Alarm Clock T121

The maker that produces Timex watches is Timex Group B.V. from the United States of America. Its headquarters is in Middlebury, Connecticut. The company also has operations in the Philippines, China, and India; its full-fledged operations are in Mexico, France, the UK, and Canada.

In the year 1854, the company began its journey with the name ‘Waterbury Clock’ at Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut. At that time this place was called the ‘Switzerland of America’. In 1880, Waterbury Watch was the first company to bring out the first mechanical and inexpensive watch to keep in your pocket. The company also made wristwatches during WWI. This type of watch became a trend at that time. Waterbury Watch is also known for its first Mickey Mouse clock.

During the time of WWII, the company changed its name to the US Time Company. It brought out the Timex wrist watch which continued for three decades. The selling pitch for this watch was its ‘torture tests’. The watch would go through severe tests such as dropping it from the top of Grand Coulee Dam, tying it up with the propeller of a motor, etc. The advertisement helped push the sales through the roof. Later the company changed its name to the Timex Corporation and from there Timex Group. It sold more than one billion watches worldwide.

Digital Alarm Clock T121 Product Description:

The Timex clock T121 comes with a nice design and it can be a nice decoration in your room on nightstands. The clock has a 24 hour format. The auto-repeat alarm and auto shutoff options are very convenient. The alarm is very loud and can wake you up even if you have a heavy sleep. The size of the display is 0.7 inches. You can read the numbers very easily. There are indicators for low battery and AM/PM. 2 AAA batteries can keep the clock running even when there is a power outage. However, the batteries are not included.


  • There is a reset button for the alarm.
  • Electronic buzzer alarm to wake you up.
  • Snooze and auto repeat alarm are there for your convenience.
  • This clock operates on a 120V AC current.
  • Low battery warning indicator will show when you need to recharge.

How to Set the Timex alarm clock T121:

Let us see how to set Timex alarm clock T121.

  1. Push the hour button and the alarm reset or set button together.
  2. On the display HOUR change options will be shown. 
  3. Now set the hour and release both buttons.
  4. Check the PM indicator. If it is on then it is PM and if it is not on then it is AM.
  5. Now push the minute and alarm set button together.
  6. On the display, you can now change the minute part. Set the time and release the buttons.
  7. Now, activate the alarm by pressing the ALM on or off button. 
  8. The ALM indicator at the lower left side will show if the alarm is active.
  9. To stop an ongoing alarm press the alarm set button.
  10. You can also change the sound level of the alarm.
  11. For snooze time use the snooze bar.

Timex Watches and clocks have been on the market for a long time. It grew from a little company to a large corporation with its office and shop worldwide. It has impeccable customer service. You can trust Timex and its alarm system and can have a nice sleep at night.

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