How to Stop Sleeping Through Alarm

We sleep to renew our general health. Quality sleep offers a pleasant day that everyone demands but it may be disrupted for reasons. Sleeping more or less both are a threat to health. 

Are you facing so? It is the best solution to use an alarm to sleep standard hours according to Dr Meadows. Before that let’s try to find out the causes behind these problems.

The carelessness of heavy sleepers:

It’s a mystical difference between the less sleeper and heavy sleepers because one awakes with the slightest sound another has no news about the horn of the truck. The researchers say about brainwave activity that causes the difference between two.

Reasons for sleep inertia:

Adults need a seven to nine hours sleep period. If it misses out You can have a health problem.

Sleep debt:

Most of us do shifting duties or do overtime jobs for earning more that causes a problem to health accordingly. 

Circadian sleep disorder:

When you sleep, you have three stages to wake up. It changes cycles between Rapid Eye Movement that’s called REM and Non-Rapid Eye Movement in short NREM. Three-fourths of the night you are in NREM is divided into three stages.


It is the stage of sleep that affects a person to sleep on the other hand to get up from sleep.

Having sleep aids:

Drugs help to sleep in the morning and alcohol also does that. For medical purposes using a sleeping pill can be the cause of deep sleep.

Reshaping the way to have a  quality sleep:

A sleep schedule can help you to check the sleeping hours becoming less or more to you. It makes you wake up just in time every day in the morning and go to the mattress when the body calls.

What are regular sleeping hours?

Enough sleeping hours depend on age or condition of health. A newborn baby needs fourteen to seventeen hours in twenty-four. An adult needs at least seven to nine hours to keep fit. We feel weak or unrest if required sleeping hours are disrupted through various causes that should be identified.

Keep a regular bedtime:

You should go to bed every day at a scheduled time that will help you to fall asleep. So it is important to maintain the right time every day going to bed and you should sleep when you feel sleepy. That will assist in finding the right time to go to bed.

Get the morning charm:

Nature makes us fresh with its mystical power so you should get in touch with nature by getting morning sunlight that regenerates your circadian system that stops the power to sleep at night during darkness.

How to stop sleeping through alarm clock:

How to stop sleeping through alarm clock

You may request your friend to make you get up in the morning but it might be futile so I think an alarm clock can be your smart friend to assist you in this purpose effectively.

Good time management is important to maintain quality daily activities because in this modern life we have to be involved with various works. So if we like to engage ourselves everywhere smartly we must follow every minute and second an alarm clock can keep this role economically.

Avoiding the alarm clock we may get oversleeping which can be a serious health threat consequently or tardiness to go to school or workplace.

Way of using an alarm clock:

You should find out the approximate time when you have decided to wake up every day or your desired time and set the time in your alarm clock.

Place it in the right place:

You should keep the alarm clock distant from your bed that will help to leave your adorable pillow.


The alarm clock can be smart assistance in getting up at an accurate time without thinking in the morning. The snoozing button can be malpractice to you if you can’t escape sleep experts advise you to seek a prescription from a certified medical physician.

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