How To Use Laptop As An Alarm Clock 2022

Like your smartphone, your laptop, too, is an intelligent device. It runs on a very sophisticated Operating System. There are mostly Windows and Mac laptops in use among the mainstream population. Therefore, we will talk about how to use laptop as an alarm clock instead of traditional alarm clocks in this article.

Can I use my laptop as an alarm clock?

Maybe you are a student and often fall asleep on your desk after a tiring day of work or research. As you stay in front of your computer, you can set your computer to wake you up with something interesting. The alarm does not always have to be just a monotonous ring to your ear. You can also set a movie or a piece of music you like as alarm sound.

Let us know how to use laptop as an alarm clock, shall we?

We will use a Windows task scheduler for this.

  1. Go to task scheduler in windows.
  2. If you do not know how to open it, go to windows search.
  3. Type Task Scheduler, and it will come up. Start it.
  4. Now create a basic task.
  5. Go to Action > Create a basic task.
  6. Now, give a name to your task, fill in the description box if you may.
  7. Click next, and select the frequency of your alarm, like, daily or weekly, etc.
  8. Click next and set the date and time and recurring frequency.
  9. Click next > select a program > next.
  10. Here you can select the music or video file you want to wake up to.
  11. Then next > finish.

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This is it! You can now wake up to your favorite media! Enjoy your nap!! By the way, if you are napping, please, make sure that your laptop does not take a nap with you as well! Here is how you can do that:

  1. Windows search box > type ‘power & sleep settings’ > click on the option.
  2. You can now set your screen to sleep by selecting a time.
  3. In the sleep option for the computer, select ‘never’ from the dropdown menu.


How to use laptop as an alarm clock?

This section of the article will see how to use the laptop as an alarm clock in Windows. Windows 10 already has a free alarm clock app by default, so you do not have to go to Microsoft store for this.

  1. Windows search box from start menu > type alarm
  2. Open alarm & clock window from the results.
  3. Click ‘add an alarm.’
  4. or, you can edit the existing alarm.
  5. Fix the time.
  6. Give a name.
  7. Choose if you want a repeating alarm by selecting days of a week.
  8. Choose a melody.
  9. Select a duration for snooze time.
  10. Click Save to set alarm. Done!

You can set multiple alarms in this process. Again you need to put your computer out of sleep mode so just follow the instructions in the previous section.

How to Turn Your Mac Into an Alarm Clock?

Apple Macbook is a favorite laptop to many Westerners. Here is how you can set the alarm on your favorite Macbook.

  1. Click launchpad.
  2. Find the calendar application.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Click twice the preferred date for alarm.
  5. Select your time and then select a new event.
  6. Name the event.
  7. Now click time and date to choose yours.
  8. After time selection, click ‘none.’
  9. A popup menu appears; select custom.
  10. Click message.
  11. Select the message with sound, and select your favorite alarm tone for the alarm.
  12. Select the time to sound the alarm, then ‘ok.’

You will get the same alarm on your iPhone if you set it on a Macbook. So, this is doubly beneficial. This is how to use computer as alarm clock. 

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