What is a Dual Alarm Clock

In this day and age, very few, in fact, only a few from the older generations would not know anything about the little devices called smartphones. The whole world is flooded with so-called smart devices. Now in order to be more in control of our lives, we have become more dependent on these devices and become their slaves. When there were only two functions in a cell phone our lives were not bad either. With smart devices in our hands, we cannot claim ourselves to be happy.

Although we can set multiple alarms on our smartphone, these devices are a disturbance to our good night’s sleep as it invites us to spend a few more minutes as screen time. On the other hand, plain and simple alarm clocks are the best for us. Just set the alarm clock for alarm, and rest your body on your bed and close your eyes. Voila! You have a sound sleep and in the morning you have a fresh mind in a fresh body.

In this article, we talk about what is a dual alarm clock and the best dual alarm clock in the market. We have put only a digital clock on our list, there is no analog clock or analog alarm clock on our list.

Dual Alarm Clock:

The dual alarm clock is your usual alarm clock but the most interesting thing is that, unlike other alarm clocks, you can set two alarms for two different times. Although this does not give you the versatility, it at least can ring two alarms at two different times. Nowadays, with a dual alarm clock, you can get a lot of features, such as an FM radio, Bluetooth speaker, headphone jack, wall projector, dimmable brightness, backup batteries, and so many more!

Top 5 Best Dual Alarm Clock Reviews of 2022:

In the present market, there are some best dual alarm clocks. We have listed our picks in this article. Please, do have a look.

1. Jall Alarm Clock with FM Radio:

The first on our list of dual alarm clocks is the FM radio alarm clock from Jall. This dual alarm clock comes in Trapezoid shape and black color. This clock runs on electricity and there is no battery inside the package. This clock is fully digital. Let us have a good look into the features.


  1.  Timer and Radio:
    • This is a fully-fledged FM radio inside an alarm clock. You can catch most favorite frequencies with this. 
    • The sleep timer will help you set your alarm clock’s radio to shut down automatically after a stipulated time. You can set the time according to your wish. 
  2. Customize your alarm clock:
    • This clock is a dual alarm clock. You have your workday settings here as well. You can set different alarms at two different times. 
    • There are seven different tunes or alarms. You can choose the one you like and set from other tunes for your family members.
    • There is a snooze function in the clock. You can set the snooze as you like with the snooze button.
  3. Temperature and Time format:
    • You can see the temperature of the day.
    • You can also set it to C or F.
    • You can change the time format of your clock from 12hr to 24hr.

2. Glow alarm clock from Housbay:  

The next alarm clock we are going to talk about is the radio alarm clock from the Housbay manufacturer. This is an amazing dual alarm clock. I want to know what a dual alarm clock is. The dual alarm clock has so many features that it outshines many other clocks in the market. Let us slowly unpack the whole package full of features.


  1. Many in one:
    • The clock has a radio.
    • It features a nightlight.
    • There is also a dual alarm system in this clock.
  2. Timer:
    • You can put your radio on a timer and go to sleep. The radio will run for a certain time and then auto shut down itself.
  3. Alarm:
    • You can set two different alarm times in this alarm clock.
    • There are three wake up melodies as the alarm sound. If you time the alarm correctly, it becomes the sunrise alarm clock.
  4. Timer and button with light:
    • The button on the clock will light up in the dark. This will help the user to use the buttons to control the clock’s features like volume up and down or to stop the alarm clock.
    • The alarm system is completely different in the sense that it can remember alarms for 2 different timings according to your nap time.
  5. Power and Battery:
    • This clock draws its power from an electrical outlet.
    • There is an option for you to use the battery backup as well.

3. Sangean RCR-20 FM-RDS (RBDS):

The next alarm clock we are going to talk about is the RCR-20 RBDS from Sangean. It runs on AC power. Its color is black. You can have USB connectivity on this clock. This clock weighs a whopping 2.75 lbs. Let us find out the features of this alarm clock.


  1. Radio and the others:
    • This clock has a dedicated FM radio for your bedtime listening.
    • There is also a remote control for the alarm clock.
    • LCD is super easy to read and has a backlight that you can adjust according to your wish.
  2. Bluetooth:
    • The Bluetooth chip is built within the clock. You can seamlessly stream audio via your smart alarm clock by pairing it with other smart devices.
  3. Miscellaneous:
    • You can adjust the tunes.
    • The alarm clock FM radio can auto-scan for stations. 
    • The sleep timer is also adjustable.
    • The clock also has a snooze functionality.
    • The clock is known for its dual alarm system.
    • Superior audio control like bass and treble control.
    • The clock also offers a remote controller.
    • There is a port for you to attach your favorite headphone.
    • It comes with a product manual.

4. Digital Alarm Clock with projection ability:

The fourth instalment on our list of dual alarm clocks is the Projection dual clock. It offers blue projection and digits. It is made from plastic material and it runs on electricity. It is square-shaped and weighs around 0.53 lbs. You will need two AAA batteries. It is an awesome alarm clock, so let us check out the features.


  1. Projector:
    • You can use the alarm clock as a wall projector. 
    • This clock projector can swivel and rotate 180 degrees. You can project in front of you, or you can also project on the ceiling.
    • The projected information is crisp and clear. You can easily read them even from your bed. With just a press of a button, the clock will become a fully functional projector.
  2. Snooze and Alarm:
    • There is a dual alarm system. You can easily set two different alarms for yourself and another person. 
    • The snooze system enhances the alarm system. The clock buzzer will keep buzzing after a few minutes.
  3. Loud alarm:
    • If you are a heavy sleeper, this clock is your salvation. 
    • The high level of alarm volume from the alarm clock will wake you up right away. 
    • You can adjust the sound levels of the alarm clock from one to five.
  4. Dimmer and LED display:
    • The display is very large and you can see very clearly what the display is showing.
    • It is a 7-inch big display.
    • Good for senior people.
    • You can dim the brightness level down from three to one.
  5. USB charging port:
    • You can charge other devices via the USB connection of the clock. 
    • Plug the cord into the USB then.
  6. Power:
    • The clock runs on electricity. Just connect the cord to the outlet and it will start running.
    • Put your handset or other iOS or Android device in charging mode and in the morning you will have a fully charged device for the day.
  7. Battery: 
    • There is a backup battery system.
    • It takes two AAA batteries.
    • These will keep your alarm clock running even if there is no power.
  8. Time format:
    • This alarm clock can show both 12 and 24-hour formats.
  9. Easy to use:
    • The clock is very easy to handle. If you fiddle with it for some time, you will find out. 

5. Black Dual Alarm Clock Radio Sony ICFC1PJ:

The last clock on our list is the ICFC1PJ from sony. The body of the clock is black, and it runs on direct electricity. The clock weighs 490 – very light and has a square shape. In the package, you will find the batteries. It can freely stand on the tabletop. It has a fully digital signal. Let us explore the features of the clock.


  1. Projector:
    • This clock can project its time on the wall. You can adjust in which way or angle you want to watch the projection.
  2. Sound:
    • There are five types of sounds or natural sounds to set the mood for sleeping.
  3. USB:
    • This has a USB port to charge your handheld smartphones.
  4. Battery:
    • There are batteries to keep the clock running even if the electricity goes away for some reason.
  5. Daylight saving:
    • This clock can automatically update its time to the daylight saving adjustments.

Best Dual Alarm Clock Buying Guide:

We have already talked about ‘what is a dual alarm clock’ in our article. We just want to give you a bit more insight before you go buy a dual alarm clock.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to have a look around the market and find out what are the usual prices of various dual alarm clocks. Then you find out what your wallet is about to spit out for you. Then you go set a budget.
  2. Second, you have to check if there is a dual alarm system or not. Snoozing is not a dual alarm system.
  3. But you need snoozing too! You set two alarms for two different persons. And then you set your snoozing time.
  4. FM radio with your dual alarm clock is awesome. You cannot have a radio without the FM radio.
  5. The clock should also have a battery option along with a direct electrical connection.
  6. The time format is the next thing to look for. Your clock must have a 12 and 24-hour format.
  7. It will be great to have a wall projection option with your clock. But it should be within your budget.
  8. USB charging ports have become very mainstream. You must have them if you can.
  9. If you find a dual clock with Bluetooth speakers and a headphone port, that will be great too.
  10. Last but not the least, you need to find out if you can adjust the brightness and sound level of your clock.
  11. There should be a variety of tunes for your alarm. You do not want to up the same noise days in and days out.


So, there you have it – ‘what is a dual alarm clock’ with some popular alarm clocks. We hope this article will help you find a reasonable alarm clock for yourself and your family! Happy shopping!

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